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  Document Name Revision Revision Date
NAV-TP-0407 Air Quality Monitoring Test Results (internal combustion engines used indoors) 1 June 30/16
NAV-TP-0311 Boat Pre-Use Inspection & Re-Departure Checklist 3 May 8/18
NAV-TP-0312 Boating Sail Plan Record 3 May 8/18
NAV-GP-0033 Commissioning Guideline 2 May 25/16
NAV-TP-0033 Commissioning Checklist Template 7 Jan 1/16
NAV-TP-0067 Commissioning Manual Template 1 Sept 11/15
NAV-TP-0187 Commissioning Plan Template 3 Jan 1/16
NAV-GP-0414 Contractor As Constructor Guideline 2 May 8/18

Contractor Reporting of Hours (Contractor On-Property Injury Statistics)

(OSHA Recordkeeping Handbook)

  July 2020

Contractor Reporting of Hours (Contractor On-Property Injury Statistics by Site)

  July 2020
NAV-TP-0195 Contract Completion Certificate 4 Nov 8/16
NAV-GP-0079 Constructability Review Guideline 2  
NAV-TP-0079 Constructability Review Template 4 Jan 1/16
NAV-GP-0172 Consultants / Contractor Schedule Guideline 2 May 8/18
NAV-TP-0172 Consultants / Contractor Schedule Template 1  
NAV-GP-0194 Contract Closeout Guideline 4 Feb 13/14
NAV-TP-0164B Contact List Template 4 May 8/18
NAV-GP-0095 Contract Specific Safety Plan Guideline 5  
NAV-TP-0095 Contract Specific Safety Plan Template 6 May 8/18
NAV-TP-0023 Contract Specific Safety Plan Compliance Audit Template
(formerly Weekly Safety Plan Compliance Report)
9 Apr 14/2021
NAV-TP-0161 Contractor / Consultants Training Requirements Summary Template 18 Nov 6/17
NAV-GP-0083 Daily Project Documentation Guideline 1  

Daily Report Template (Mines PMO Usage Only)

(Surface PMO to supply Contracting Parties with export of Daily Shift Report from within Navigator Database)

4 Mar 21/16
NAV-TP-0426 P&S - Surface - Daily Report 2 Feb 1/2021
NAV-TP-0185 Deficiency List Template 2 Jan 1/16
NAV-GP-0178 Delivery to Site and Receiving Inspection Guideline 2 Feb 27/14
NAV-TP-0031 Field Work Instruction (FWI) Template 8 May 8/18
NAV-WP-0031 Field Work Instruction Workflow 2 May 8/18
NAV-TP-0308 Fire Prevention Inspection Checklist 2 Jan 25/18
  IM Toolkit (Excel Version) 20 Aug 23/18
  IM Toolkit (PDF Version) 20 Aug 23/18
  IM Toolkit Sample 17c Mar 27/17
NAV-TP-0036 Invoice Breakdown / Forecast Template 2  
NAV-SP-0036 Invoice Breakdown / Forecast Sample 2 Jan 1/16
NAV-GP-0036 Invoice Processing Guideline 5 May 8/18
NAV-GP-0411 Job Site Specific Orientation Guideline 2 May 8/18
NAV-TP-0411 Job Site Specific Orientation Checklist 1 Mar 15/17
NAV-LP-0270 Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) Template   Mar 15/16
NAV-GP-0404 Joint Health and Safety Committees (JHSC) and Worker Representatives for Projects Guideline 2 May 8/18
NAV-TP-0404 JHSC Meeting Agenda / Minutes Template 1 June 20/16
NAV-GP-0086 Crane and Hoisting Safety Management Guideline 2  
NAV-GP-0038 Lessons Learned Guideline 3 May 8/18
NAV-WP-0086 Lift Assessment Workflow 2  
NAV-TP-0088 Lift Plan Template 8 Jan 27/2021
NAV-TP-0421 Locking & Tagging Planning Checklist 2 May 8/18
NAV-GP-0197 Materials Custody Transfer Guideline 2  
NAV-TP-0197 Material Custody Transfer Template 2  
NAV-TP-0089 Mobile Crane / Man Lift Audit Template 2 Jan 1/16
NAV-TP-0030 Outstanding Claims Notice Template 4 Aug 9/17
NAV-GP-0072 PHR Guideline - FEL / Construction / Commissioning 10 May 8/18
NAV-TP-0019 PHR - Process Hazards Review Template 23 July 2020
NAV-TP-0009 Pre-Mobilization Checklist Template 16 May 8/18
NAV-GP-0050 Project Change Management Guidelines: APC, PCR, DCR, FWI, CCO 4  
NAV-TP-0164 Project Organizational Chart / Role Identification / Contact Lists Template 3 Jan 1/16
NAV-TP-0168 Quality Assurance (QA) Checklist / Plan Template 2 Jan 1/16
NAV-TP-0076 Quality Assurance Audit Template 3 Jan 1/16
NAV-GP-0076 Quality Assurance Audits Guideline 2 Oct 2/14
NAV-TP-0247 Request for Information (RFI) Template  3 Nov 10/17
SPI-SAF-31 Site Specific Analysis (SSA) Template    
NAV-TP-0283 Scaffold Checklist Template Draft Jan 1/16
NAV-GP-0291 Standard Job Procedure Guideline 3 May 8/18
NAV-TP-0291 Standard Job Procedure Template 1 Aug 20/14
NAV-TP-0199 Statement of Invoices 3 Jan 1/16
  Statutory Declaration    
NAV-GP-0408 Suspended Work Platform and Boatswain Chair Guideline 1


Jan 26/17

NAV-TP-0408 Suspended Work Platform and Boatswain Chair Checklist 1


Jan 26/17

NAV-GP-0196 Time and Material Sheet Guideline 1  
NAV-TP-0196 Time and Material Sheet Template 2 Jan 1/16
NAV-GP-0042 Trailer Permit Form Guideline 1  
NAV-TP-0027 Trailer Permit Form Template 4 Nov 21/16
NAV-GP-0028 Standards for Construction Trailers Guideline 5 May 8/18
NAV-TP-0028 Project Trailer Audit / Checklist 8 May 8/18
NAV-TP-0032 Weekly Construction Review Meeting Guideline 1  
NAV-TE-0077 Buried Facilities Locate & Excavation Permit 2 Dec 1/2021
NAV-GP-0294 Working at Heights (WAH) Risk Assessment Guideline 3 May 8/18
reference only Working at Heights (WAH) Risk Assessment PHR Triggers (PHR Template to be used for this assessment) 2 June 23/15
  Working at Heights Rescue Plan Worksheet (referenced in SPI-6)    
Stop & Correct Reporting
Stop and Correct Presentation 2  
Stop and Correct Reporting Card (Front & Back) Excel 2  
Central Tailings Area
Tailings Access Form (completed form must be sent with Lenel Gate/Swipe Station Access Form)   May 17/18
Accessing Central Tailings Area (Job Procedure P42003)   May 17/18
Adverse Weather Closure of Central Tailings Area (Job Procedure P42004)   May 17/18
CTA Road Use Authorization Form (All Shifts)   Dec 8/16
CTA Road Use Authorization Form (Monday to Friday Dayshift only)   Dec 8/16
CTA Control Work Permit   Dec 8/16