Program's & Policies

Safety Revision
Confined Space Program  
Zero Energy State Program (ZES)  
Occupational Health Revision
Asbestos Abatement Management Program Jan 19 2021 (v 8)
CCNR Carbonyl Health Surveillance Program Dec 1/16 (v 3)
Designated Substances Program Dec 30/16 (v 5.1)
Hearing Conservation Program Jan 17/16 ( 3.2)
Occupational Hygiene Program Sept 15/16 (v 1.0)
Quantitative Occupational Exposure Monitoring Program Feb 20/20 (v 5.5)
Respiratory Protection Program Jun 30/20 (v7.1)
Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) Dec 16/13 (v 3.1)
Environment Revision
Waste Management Program July 20/20 (v 3.0)
Waste Management Program Standards July 20/20 (v 3.0)
3R's Program July 20/20 (v 3.0)
Asbestos Waste Management July 20/20 (v 4.0)
Subject Waste Management July 20/20 (v 3.0)
Biomedical Waste Management July 20/20 (v 3.0)
PCB Waste Management July 20/20 (v 4.0)
Smelter Property Land Use Plan Instruction    (Smelter Property Land Use Map) Nov 28/13

Sustainability Policy (formerly Safety, Health and Environment Policy

Oct 23/20

Vale Internal Manifest February 2021

Mar 22/21
All Vale Sites Revision
All Mines Standard Jan 16/18 (v 3.1)
Sustainable Development Policy May 29/09
Human Rights Policy May 29/14
Vale Supplier's Code of Conduct  
Workplace Violence, Harassment and Discrimination Program  
Ontario Revision
Contractor Hygiene and Dry Availability (Copper Cliff Smelter Complex)  
Contractor Hygiene and Dry Availability (South Mine)  
Electrical Department Procedures & Forms  
Working During Storms or Lightning Occurrences Precautionary Guideline (MGUIDE-50004) Jan 30/15
Alcohol and Drug Program Requirements for Contract Workers Oct 2018

Contractor On-Property Injury Statistics (Contractor Self Reporting of Hours Monthly by 5th day of each month to

(OSHA Recordkeeping Handbook)

Jan 2018
Smoke-Free Workplace Policy  

Smelter Complex
Working Alone Policy
Visitor Respirator Policy
Sulphur Dioxide Personal Protection Policy
Ring & Jewelry Policy
Contractor Use of Emergency Radio Communications while on Vale Property
Matte Processing Respirator Policy (updated May 11/18)
Central Tailings Area Revision

Central Tailings Access Protocol Review

Accessing Central Tailings Area (Job Procedure P42003) May 17/18
Adverse Weather Closure of Central Tailings Area (Job Procedure P42004) May 17/18
CTA Road Use Authorization Form (Monday to Friday Dayshift only)  
CTA Control Work Permit  
Central Tailings Roads Map  
Tailings Access Form (completed form must be sent with Lenel Gate/Swipe Station Access Form) May 17/18
CTA Road Use Authorization Form (All Shifts) (with access required after hours, 5pm-7am)  
Off-Shift Notification Template   
CTA Towing Policy