Drawings for Vale must be done in compliance with the following Vale Standard Specifications:

The following downloads are required for the correct operation of Vale Drawings:

Vale CAD Downloads - For Configuration Information see TH-SPEC-07004
Resource File Description Downloads Last Updated
Seed File There is only one seed file for Microstation V8 & V8i for use at Vale V8 seed 2D.dgn Mar 28, 2012
Font File This font file contains special characters for text, fractions and other symbols used on many drawings. This resource file will redefine Microstation standard font 3 “Valefont.rsc” Jul 18, 2003
Title Block and Border  (Cell) The title block "V8border"is contained in this cell library. “viborder.cel” Feb 10, 2017
Title Block Update Utility Tool The Visual Basic utility tool  MUST be used for filling in the drawing border information

The Drawing Checker Utility Tool is part of this tool set.



(Version 2.1)

Aug 7, 2019
V8i Tag Locker V8i automatically unlocks any tags within cells. After border insertion, run the following "key-in script" to lock the border tags: (cut & paste from the TLscript.doc file) “TLscript” Feb 9, 2012
Cell Libraries This zip file contains commonly used Microstation Cell Libraries - DO NOT copy this cell library into any other cell libraries - It is intended to operate as a stand-alone cell library “valeMB_cell.zip” Feb 10, 2017
DGN Libraries Contains the Microstation V8 DGN Libraries - (levels, dim styles, text styles, border, etc.) “dgnlibv8i.zip” Feb 10, 2017
AutoCAD Border

NOTE: Vale's standard drawing format is Microstation DGN Format, V8 Compatible. AutoCAD DWG files may only be used where approved in writing by Vale and is only applicable to the creation of new drawings or revising existing AutoCAD drawings. See TH-SPEC-08014 for specific AutoCAD requirements.

“ValeACAD(2012).dwg” May 11, 2018
All CAD Resource Files

All above CAD resource files in a Compressed (Zipped) folder

“Vale V8i Vendor Info.zip” Aug 7, 2019



Please direct any questions to Marvin.McNevin@vale.com


"Engineering design and specifications only approved for use with Vale Canada Limited, Ontario Operations or its successor or assignee. Any use a third party makes of this document or drawing, or any reliance on or decisions to be made based on it, beyond its use for Vale Canada Limited purposes are the responsibility of such third parties. Vale Canada Limited accepts no responsibility for damages, if any, suffered by any third party as a result of decisions made or actions based on this document or drawing beyond those specified herein."

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