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60 Zero Energy State (ZES Program) :

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Training CODE

Former Ref

SAF-ZES-60000 7 ZES Program Administration    
SAF-ZES-60001 5 Designated Tagger Installing Protection with a Lock Box    
SAF-ZES-60002 5 Tagger Installing Personal Protection    
SAF-ZES-60003 4 Tagger Removing Personal Protection    
SAF-ZES-60005 4 Remote Tagging - Installing Personal Protection    
SAF-ZES-60004 4 Designated Tagger Removing Lock Box    
SAF-ZES-60006 4 Remote Tagging - Removing Personal Protection    
SAF-ZES-60007 4 Status Tags - Installing and Removing    
SAF-ZES-60008 4 Removal of Red or Blue Locks - Person is not on the Property    
SAF-ZES-60009 5 Personal Protection on Running Mobile Equipment    
SAF-ZES-60010 4 Plant Specific Locking and Tagging Variance    
SAF-ZES-60011 4 Procedure to Make Changes to the Program    
SAF-ZES-60012 4 Using Cascading Lock Boxes    
SAF-ZES-60013 4 Non-Electrical Isolation Labeling    
SAF-ZES-60014 1 Control for Hazardous Energy for Hoist Plant Maintenance (in for signing)    
ZES Rules   ZES Rules    
ZES Flowcharts   ZES Flowcharts    
ZES Materials   ZES Materials    
FORMS   ZES Lock Box Forms    

Link to: ZES Placemat - Internal Users Only