Zero Energy State – Locking and Tagging Program Forms


For assistance with ZES Program standards and/or forms contact Ontario Operations, Safety, Central Services.

The numbers at the end of the Lock Box Form indicate the maximum room on the form to list energy isolating devices.  For a project with >56 devices, the WORD document can be modified by copying and pasting the device section table sections onto additional pages. REMINDER: Ensure consecutive numbers are on the added sections i.e. 57, 58 etc.


2018 Lock Box Form 8        


2018 Lock Box Form 16

2018 Lock Box Form 24

2018 Lock Box Form 40

2018 Lock Box Form 56

Planned Inspection – Lock Boxes

Program Change Form

Remote Tagging Form

Variance Form

ZES Audit Form (pdf)

ZES AUDIT Form (Excel –fillable)

Using Cascading Lock Boxes Job Aid


For training on ZES Locking and Tagging processes contact your Learning & Development Representative.